Tullow Oil accused of dumping human waste in Ugandan homesteads

Tullow Oil has been forced to deny claims that one of its sub-contractors dumped two trucks of human waste in the Kakindo village in the Buliisa District in western Uganda. The subcontractor in question, Saracen Uganda Limited, reportedly took large quantities of human waste products an deposited it within the limtis of the community near Kasemene, posing huge health risks.

The villagers are now claiming compensation after the village was “buried in a very strong bad smell” and some of them contracted diseases from the waste.

Tullow Oil has of course deflected all responsibility for the incident onto the subcontractor, who Tullow Oil’s corporate affairs manager, Cathy Adengo, claims is entirely responsible for the incident. She said that, although the company regrets the incident, the shortcuts its subcontractor took were entirely down to that company.

Tullow Oil’s Environmental Field superintendent Karl Schwarz said he conducted an investigation to ascertain the extent of the effects caused, after the matter came to its notice.

We did a clean up and we involved the community in doing the sampling of the soils around the site where the waste was dumped,” he said. “The waste was got and taken to an independent laboratory in Kampala and we are under obligation to share the report with the community.”

Saracen in turn has blamed another local sub-contractor, further distorting the responsibility for the incident. Either way, the issue has clearly perturbed members of Ugandan parliament who see that Tullow Oil is ultimately responsible for any of the crimes committed by the companies it sub-contracts, begging the question whether any sort of due diligence was conducted on these firms.

This is also not the first time Tullow has been accused of dumping waste in the wrong place. In the past, the oil firm has been accused of dumping toxic drilling waste in a game park in Uganda, as well as areas occupied by people. Tullow has of course repeatedly denied these claims.

Read the full article at: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Contractor+dumps+human+waste+in+homesteads/-/688334/1909062/-/133hjobz/-/index.html



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