Tullow Oil face further Kenya problems

Tullow Oil is facing more problems in Kenya at its oil operations in the block at the Lokichar basin, Intelligence reports confirm.

The British oil company are in the process of drilling deeper in the wells to confirm commercial viability of their newly discovered oil. However, the local Turkana community has threatened to sabotage operations at the drilling site and has warned that they will block any form of operations by the oil exploration company.

Tullow Oil has entered into formal talks with the Kenyan government and the local community in an attempt to reconcile the parties’ differences. The contract to explore the oil in Kenya is between the government of Kenya and Tullow Oil. The Turkana community is not mentioned in the formal contract as key players in the exploration contract, Intelligence Briefs report.

The Turkana people are claiming that they were neither consulted nor informed about the oil exploration. This is particularly important, because history shows the surrounding community receives the biggest socio-economic impact from oil discovery and subsequent production.

The leaders of the community leaders argue that the land in which the oil was found is their cultural heritage and that should give the community a say over the process.


Read the full article at: http://www.intelligencebriefs.com/tullow-oil-facing-problems-in-kenya-turkana-threats-of-sabotage/


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